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What are the types of aggregates and their uses?

What are the types of aggregates and their uses?

Aggregates are the life and soul of hard landscaping, bringing beauty and functionality to any outdoor space. There are many types of aggregates that can elevate your project to the next level, and an even greater number of applications they can be used for. In this article, we guide you through the most common types of aggregates on the market and how they could benefit your project. 



As a key ingredient of concrete, cement is integral to landscaping and construction projects. Mixing the right amount of cement, water and other aggregates forms concrete which is used for structural load-bearing purposes, thanks to its high strength. Crushed concrete can also be used as a material for sub-bases, a vital component of constructing a driveway, patio, pathway, or garden shed. 


Sand truly is a multi-use aggregate, and when combined with other components, is used to bulk out substances such as mortar, concrete or screed for garden path paving, flooring or bricklaying. You can also get creative and use it in more imaginative ways, such as for the construction of a zen garden, or as part of a flower bed decoration. 



Available in a range of sizes, shingle is perfect for practical purposes, such as driveways and drainage as the large void spaces allow for easy water filtration. Thanks to the variety of colours and sizes on offer, shingle is also used for decorative reasons, perhaps to brighten up a border or flower bed, or to create an elegant garden path. 

Pebbles, cobbles, rockery stones

pebbles and cobbles

Naturally beautiful and versatile, stones bring an organic look to outdoor spaces, and particularly suit when paired with other natural elements, such as flowerbeds or water features. Every stone, whether a small pebble or a large rockery stone, is completely unique in size, colour, pattern and texture – creating a truly one-of-a-kind look for your landscape. 

Decorative slate 

decorative slate

Known for its deep grey or charcoal colour, slate adds dramatic and eye-catching character to any garden. Decorative slate can be used to adorn garden pathways, flower beds, bordering, and water features. Create a unique contrast by using slate alongside lighter shades of aggregate. 

Decorative gravel 

decorative gravel

With a textured and colourful appearance, gravel is often chosen to enliven many aspects of outdoor design, including pathways, flower beds, borders, fountains, and other features. Gravel can also be used to create elegant driveways, and thanks to the wide variety of textures, colours and stone sizes available, there is plenty of freedom to create the style you’re seeking. 


If you’re planning a landscaping project and need a reliable, high-quality supply of aggregates, we have a wide range in stock to suit all purposes. For over 70 years, Naybur Brothers have been supplying premier landscaping products to citizens across Enfield, Potters Bar, Barnet, and beyond. For some friendly advice on our range of products and how they could suit you, simply contact us today



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