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The 7 Best Uses for Artificial Grass

The 7 Best Uses for Artificial Grass

Low-maintenance, weather-proof, and with all the natural beauty of real grass – it’s clear to see why artificial grass has become so popular. But its uses reach further than just a sports field or back garden. In this article, we share some inspiring ideas of the best places that can benefit from artificial grass.


Back Gardens 

Whether you have pets digging up your lawn, or you simply want to keep your garden looking great with minimal maintenance, synthetic grass is the answer. These days, artificial lawns look so authentic that you can enjoy the beauty of a grass lawn without the time-consuming upkeep. This makes it the ideal choice for elderly people, those with mobility issues, or those who lead busy lives that don’t allow for lawn care.

artificial grass


Rooftop Gardens 

The UK isn’t known for sunny weather, so it’s important to make the most of it when it does arrive. Rooftop gardens are the perfect place to do exactly this, especially in urban areas where it’s hard to find a place to kick back and relax. Whether you own a bar or are lucky enough to have a balcony apartment, incorporating artificial grass into these spaces can soften them to create a relaxing atmosphere. What’s more, no maintenance is needed when the garden is out of use in the colder months.


Schools & Playgrounds

Kids are energetic, and this can lead to a lot of wear-and-tear for a playground. An area with such high footfall needs a durable option that is resistant to damage – that’s where artificial grass can help. Not only this, but with ordinary grass, bad weather can turn schoolyards into muddy, slippery surfaces – with artificial grass, children can play out after the rain in total safety.


Sports Fields 

A playing service should help, not hinder, its players. When it comes to choosing a playing surface for your football field, tennis court or golf green, you need something that is playable in all weathers – synthetic grass fits the bill. What’s more, players’ shoes can churn up natural grass, leading to constant maintenance and repair – as well as increasing the likelihood of puddles and muddy conditions. With artificial fields, all these problems are resolved.


Leisure Facilities & Hotels 

All hotels and leisure facilities want the best for their guests. Thanks to the authentic, natural appearance of synthetic grass, more and more hoteliers are recognising the benefits. Not only can owners create stunning landscapes for their guests, but they can also save money on maintenance and gardening fees – increasing profits while not sacrificing customer satisfaction.



Add some pizzazz to your event with artificial grass. Whether you’re hosting an exhibition, manning a conference stand, or throwing a company party, artificial grass can be used in many creative ways to enhance your display. It can also add a splash of colour, while the natural look can convey a warm, welcoming feel to guests and visitors.


Outdoor Furniture 

Artificial grass can also be used in highly creative ways. One idea is to decorate garden furniture to make it truly unique, and help it blend in with a natural space. You could use it as a tablecloth, or give a bench a memorable finishing touch – or even a footstool. Just let your imagination run free!


If you’re searching for durable artificial turf in Potters Bar, Enfield and Barnett – look no further than Naybur Bros. Established in 1948, we have decades of experience as providers of high-quality landscaping materials. Whether you’re revamping your garden or creating a sports field from scratch, we can help. Simply discuss your project with our experts and we’ll be happy to help.


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