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Landscaping Ideas: How to Decorate Your Garden With Stones

Landscaping Ideas: How to Decorate Your Garden With Stones

The most desirable trait of stones and rocks is not only their natural beauty, but also their ability to be stacked and arranged in a variety of patterns, colour layouts and shapes – and all with great flexibility. This allows you to create a unique outdoor space that really makes a statement – as well as adding a touch of texture to your soft landscaping. In this article, we explore some creative landscaping ideas to decorate your garden with stones and rocks.

Be edgy

If you want to give your garden some definition, borders and edging are the answer. They don’t just serve a function; they can also become an attractive feature in their own right. Decorative stones and rocks can be stacked and contained with wire mesh to create a naturally beautiful border to perfectly outline the different sections of your garden.

One step at a time

Stepping stones formed from loose decorative stones have more flexibility to be crafted into a variety of shapes and patterns, offering a fluid form that paving blocks simply cannot match. Why not create flower-shaped stepping stones, or leaves, or butterflies? The options really are endless, so let your imagination run free.

Water fountains and features

It’s well known that running water has a calming effect, making it ideal for a tranquil garden space. A quick search online will reveal a variety of fountain and water feature ideas which you can recreate at home. For example, you could try stacking stones, beach-style, and let the water run over them or instead lay a colourful bed of pebbles with a statement centrepiece.

Get colourful

If you have young children, placing a few fun, colourful pieces around your garden can brighten up the area, draw the eye and form the basis of a fun art project to do with your kids. Paint rocks to transform them into insects and animals, or simply create fun signs for your garden e.g. to mark your flowers and herbs.

Create a zen garden

Use decorative stones to create your very own zen paradise. This type of garden is the epitome of simplicity and beauty, and usually features a bed of sand or smaller stones, along with a few large stones sparsely dispersed to act as the focal points of the garden. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even make your own Yin and Yang symbol using a combination of light and dark aggregates.

Rock out

If you’re seeking a more striking look for your space, larger rocks could be the way to go. Whether you’re creating a rockery or erecting a standalone statement piece, large rocks boast a stunning beauty and presence for any outdoor area. Green up the final design with plants and flowers to nail the natural look.

Garden furniture

By encasing stones in wire mesh, and then placing wood or stone slabs on top, you can create truly one-of-a-kind garden furniture (e.g. benches or tables).

Naybur Brothers has a varied supply of landscaping products to beautify your outdoor spaces across Potters Bar, Enfield, Barnet, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re creating a statement feature, borders for flower beds, or planning something a little more ambitious – we can help. Simply contact us today for some friendly advice.



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