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How to get your garden winter-ready

Winter is a time when gardens can get somewhat neglected, thanks to the cold weather. To keep your garden in good health through the challenging weather, it’s a good idea to get a few tasks out of the way in time for the winter chill. It also helps to keep everything neat and presentable if you plan to decorate your garden for Christmas.

In this article, we’ll take you through how to prepare your garden for winter to make sure it doesn’t decline over the colder months.

Leaf covered in frost in winter garden


How to get your garden winter-ready


Clean your furniture

Whether you’re keeping your garden furniture indoors or outdoors this winter, give it a good clean in time for Christmas entertaining. Leaving furniture outside in a grimy state may result in costly replacements when spring comes around once again. Treat wood and metal furniture with the recommended oils, waxes and preservatives. Plastics can be wiped down with a damp cloth and light soap. And remember: if bad weather is predicted to strike, cover over furniture or move it inside to protect its quality.


Plant bulbs now

Enjoy a vibrant garden in summer by planting bulbs in the colder months, and this will give them time to bloom into their full glory. Look at the instructions or do your research online, as each individual plant will require different conditions and timings.


Tidy up the lawn

Autumn brings the shedding of leaves on all areas of the garden, including the lawn. On the cusp of winter, remove any leaves, moss or thatch from your lawn and pathways before they start to decay and inhibit grass growth – attend to the edges, too. This not only keeps your garden looking tidy and presentable for any Christmas decorations that will be erected, but is also important for reducing the likelihood of slips and trips.

Autumn leaves on grass


Wash down paths and patios

Give the hardscaping elements of your garden a little love, too. During winter, you’re not likely to want to venture outside for intensive cleaning, so give your pathways and patios a thorough wash down before the season sets in. This will bring out the colours and patterns of your paving slabs, and return them to their former glory.


Trim shrubs and trees

Frost and snow could make pruning shrubs and trees somewhat dangerous, especially if ladders are involved, so it’s best to give your greenery attention in autumn while the weather is more favourable. Cut away any diseased or dead branches and shape your trees and shrubs.


Repair garden structures

Decaying or damaged sheds, fences, summerhouses and other garden structures will only worsen in condition over the winter months. That’s why it’s wise to repair, replace and treat garden structures before unforgiving weather sets it, along with dealing with any pest outbreaks.


Protect relevant plants

Different plants fare better in different conditions. Therefore, investigate if any of your potted plants would benefit from being moved into a greenhouse or indoor environment over winter.


Go evergreen

You may associate winter with a dormant garden, but selecting a few evergreen grasses and shrubs can give it a touch of life. Certain choices, such as coniferous trees, can reward your garden with a winter wonderland ambience, too.


Be snow-responsive

The UK weather is unpredictable at best, but it’s always best to be prepared for a flurry every winter – snow can sometimes have a damaging effect on certain plants. Be prepared to gently knock off thick snow from your vegetation, without damaging the plant. You may also want to have gritting salt on standby for your pathways and patios, too.


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