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How to clean & maintain your patio

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A patio should be a source of pride, whether you’ve opted for decorative paving slabs, natural stone or block paving. No matter how beautiful your patio looks after installation, it’s going to take a little TLC to keep it looking good as new, all year round. 

In this article, we explore how best to clean and maintain your patio to improve its beauty and longevity, and also ask the question: when is it time to get a new patio? 

How to clean your patio 

Here are our step-by-step tips for cleaning your patio to give it that much-needed facelift. 

  1. First, brush away any fallen leaves and debris, and uproot any weeds. Prepare the area by moving away or covering any garden furniture that you want to keep clean. 
  2. Pressure washers are a godsend for patio cleaning, but ensure that your patio material can withstand the high-pressure water – consult with the paving material manufacturer to make sure. If you can buy, rent or borrow a pressure washer, it really is the quickest way to deep clean the surface and return it to its former glory. These washers work by jetting a powerful stream of water at the stone which dislodges any layers of ingrained dirt or grime that’s built up over years. They’re simple to use, so just watch as the dirt falls away to reveal the clean stone beneath. It might be wise to wear safety goggles and old clothes, and take care not to aim the jet for too long at one area of the patio. 
  3. If a pressure wash is a little too harsh for your patio type, try a more gentle hose down instead, using a brush to get rid of the dirty water and loosened debris. 
  4. After washing, check and see if any cracks need refilling with sand or filler – this will discourage weed growth.
  5. For more stubborn stains, a detergent could help. Select one that is suitable for your patio material, and if you’re unsure, request advice from your patio manufacturer. 
  6. Once you’ve completed the washing stage, you may wish to use a sealer which will preserve the patio’s quality and make it more resistant to staining, UV rays and general degradation. Like with the detergent or washing method, choose one that is suitable for your specific paving material. 

How to maintain your patio

Maintaining a patio does not begin and end with the occasional hose down – regular checks can mean the difference between a beautiful outdoor space and grimy surfaces. 

  • Regularly sweep your patio to clear away fallen leaves and debris, or use a leaf blower. If left, this organic matter can decay over time and lead to staining of your patio, and any seeds can take root in the cracks between your patio. Not only this, but leaves can also become a slip and trip hazard in wet weather. 
  • Check for weeds and uproot them as quickly as possible to prevent them from growing too much and causing unseen damage underneath your patio. 
  • If you have a persistent weed problem, you may wish to use weed-killer, but ensure you select one that is not harmful to the environment and is compatible with your material type. 
  • Assess frequently to see if there are any cracks in your patio which may need to be filled or patched – otherwise, water will penetrate through these cracks and cause damage. 

Do I need a new patio?

Despite cleaning and good maintenance, there may come a point where your patio just doesn’t pack the same punch that it used to. A new patio can revive your garden space and is a chance to start good maintenance habits from the very beginning, preserving the longevity of your new patio for years to come. It’s also an opportunity to update your garden in general for your current needs and tastes. 


Revitalise your garden with the highest quality patio materials. Here at Naybur Brothers, we’ve been supplying the local area with premier landscaping products since 1948. Whatever look and feel you’re aiming for, we have the aggregate materials to help – including natural stone, block paving and porcelain stone. Please contact our experts who will be happy to help – we serve customers across Potters Bar, Enfield and Barnet. 

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